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Awards Show Roundup

Watch Conan O'Brien get 50 celebrity cameos for the MTV Movie Awards

With categories that include honors like "Best #WTF Moment" and "Best Scared-As-S**t Performance," it's safe to say that the MTV Movie Awards aren't the most prestigious night in Hollywood. But if the real goal is to provide buzzy, GIF-able moments for the internet to pore over the following day, last night's ceremony was an undeniable success. There was a new X-Men clip and a shirtless Zack Efron, but the standout moment came at the very beginning, when host Conan O'Brien gathered pretty much every celebrity you can imagine for a five-minute video intro.

"What's the record for most celebrity cameos in an MTV Movie Awards open?" asks Conan. After hearing that Jean-Claude Van Damme set the record with a measly eight cameos in 1992, Conan vowed to land no less than 50. "Who cares about funny?" asked Conan. "Kids don't laugh anymore. They see celebrities and they go, 'Woo!'"

Count your own "woos" as Conan tracks down everyone from Andy Samberg to Seth Rogen to… well, we'll let you see for yourself. -Scott Meslow