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Better late than never

Keeping the How I Met Your Mother highs and lows going, the show’s DVD set will reportedly include an alternative ending

Facebook.com/How I Met Your Mother

It's been an emotional week for How I Met Your Mother fans.

First, the series finale aired, polarizing fans into Team Mother and Team Robin factions. Those who wanted the titular Mother to, you know, live, took to YouTube, creating alternate endings that 20th Century Fox has been systematically removing, claiming copyright infringement.

But now, twist: Turns out, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas had kicked around an alternative, "happy" ending. Ultimately for the finale, they stuck with the footage they shot in the second season, in which Ted's kids encourage him to go for Aunt Robin after viewers learn the mother died from a never-named illness.

For those who feel like Barney about the whole ending, though, the forthcoming DVD set will reportedly include that warm-and-fuzzy alternative ending. So deep breaths, HIMYM fans, it's all going to be okay. --Sarah Eberspacher