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Golden retriever found in the debris of the Washington mudslide (Update)

Amber Benson/KING/screenshot

On Thursday, a golden retriever made his way out of the debris field near Oso, Wash., the site of the devastating mudslide that killed at least 30 people nearly two weeks go. When Boomer was discovered, he had a few cuts on his legs and some hip problems, Seattle's KING 5 News reports. He is being treated at a veterinary clinic in Arlington, Wash., where he is doing well.

[UPDATE: Initially, reports stated that the dog was a survivor of the mudslide, but in fact he made his way to the area recently after wandering away from home. Boomer's owner reached out to the clinic, and said that the dog lives 2-3 miles away from the area where the mudslide hit. According to the veterinarian, Boomer used to belong to the current owner's brother, who died in the mudslide.]