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Daily Show 'deranged millionaire' John Hodgman has fun with offshore banking

Comedy Central

The Justice Department is cracking down on wealthy Americans sheltering their money in the Cayman Islands. On Wednesday night's Daily Show, John Hodgman strapped on his "deranged millionaire" persona to find an alternative tax haven.

David Marchant, an offshore banking expert at OffshoreAlert.com, recommends that Hodgman park his panda-hunting assets in the Cook Islands, an anything-goes financial tropical paradise whose banking regulations were apparently written by U.S. lawyers. It's one of those lawyers, Howard Rosen, who sort of unwittingly steals the show, though, with his amazing I-can't-believe-you're-saying-this-on-camera pronouncements and responses. In the end, Hodgman decides the Cook Islands aren't quite, I guess, deranged enough. His solution is both absurd, and conveniently close to Wall Street. --Peter Weber