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Family's home burglarized after they post vacation photos on Facebook


Take this one as a reminder that you don't need to share absolutely everything on Facebook.

A California home was burglarized after its owners posted vacation photos on Facebook, tipping off the robbers that their house would be vacant. The trio of burglars brought a rented U-Haul to the house, and were caught by Fontana police with flat screen televisions, pricey electronics, and furniture in their possession.

The men were charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and conspiracy, and an investigation revealed that one of the men knew the vacationing family. Officer Martha Guzman-Hurtado said this should serve as a warning to always remember people can read your posts. "Once you put it out there, it's public. Even if you think it's just gonna stay within your network of friends, you don't know who their network of acquaintances are," she told KCBS.