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Jon Stewart agrees with Obama's stalled surgeon general nominee: Guns are a health issue

Comedy Central

On Monday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart considered the fate of President Obama's nominee for surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, whose appointment is in trouble due to some comments he's made in favor of gun safety measures. One example Senate Republicans are highlighting is a 2012 tweet... in which Murthy said he was tired of politicians being scared of the NRA. Stewart noted the irony of Murthy being proved right — Democrats alone could confirm him, but up to 10 are balking because of strong opposition from the NRA — and then tried to find a sensible middle ground between suspending kids over fake guns and sinking the nomination of "America's scold" because he once warned that guns can be bad for your health. "You know, bullets are not generally considered super foods," Stewart reminded Murthy's critics. --Peter Weber