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College students learn tweeting a picture of a dog doing a keg stand isn't the smartest idea

Screenshot/Democrat & Chronicle

No matter how enticingly viral it may sound, you really shouldn't tweet a picture of your dog doing a keg stand: Two college students in upstate New York were charged with torturing and injuring an animal after they tweeted a photo of themselves holding a black Labrador Retriever upside down to make it appear that it was doing a keg stand.

Police say Shane Oliver held the dog to make it look like the pooch was allegedly drinking beer while Robert Yates took the picture and posted it online during an off-campus event at the College at Brockport, near Rochester. The police got wind of the incident after they spotted the photo on a SUNY Party Stories Twitter account. The puppy's owner reportedly wasn't home when the incident occurred, and the dog was taken to the local animal shelter in good condition.

The students will appear in court April 2 and will face disciplinary actions from the college.