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T-shirt opinions: The original hater

Hopping on the anti-Obama train — and more in our collection of topical message tees

President Obama's second inauguration is right around the corner. But even if that doesn't put you in a celebratory mood, you can still get in on the swag. For instance, this "I was anti-Obama before it was cool" T-shirt ($26.90) offers some ideal inaugural apparel for the trend-setting conservative. But you better place your order quick, because hating on the commander-in-chief is becoming the opinion du jour. Between the 2008 election and 2009 inauguration, Cafe Press' Obama T-shirt sales were 85 percent pro-Obama, and 15 percent anti-Obama. This time around, it's 55 percent pro and 45 percent anti. Hate 'em while they're hot!