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The Daily Show mocks the NYPD's 'public safety staycation' by committing petty crimes in New York

On Thursday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart tackled the ongoing grudge match between "socialist Sasquatch" Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York Police Department. NYPD officers have turned their back on de Blasio at two cop funerals and other occasions, and endangered the 50-year low in crime in the city by all but stopping enforcement of the law — a protest work slowdown.

"A slowdown sounds so negative," Stewart said. "It's really more of a public safety staycation, if you will. It explains the NYPD's new motto: 'To Chill and Reflect.'" And while some people may see the relaxed law enforcement as a negative — or an interesting social experiment — correspondent Jason Jones welcomed the change as an opportunity to relive the glory of New York City's lawless 1970s. In practice, that means drinking in public, beating up Times Square Elmo hustlers, and loudly talking about buying drugs in front of New York cops, among other petty criminality (real and mimicked). Warning: Jones gets a little vulgar, so if you're watching this at work, maybe wear headphones. --Peter Weber