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Disney's Hollywood Studios park in Florida to get updated attractions, new name

Disney's Hollywood Studios is getting a new name, but Disney CEO Bob Iger isn't quite ready to reveal what it is.

During the Walt Disney Co.'s annual shareholder meeting, a 6-year-old asked if the rumor was true that the name would be changing, the Orlando Sentinel reports. "We used to be MGM Studios, we changed to Hollywood Studios, and we're doing some significant work there right now that I guess will result in a name change," Iger replied. "We'll announce that we're changing the name but we won't announce what we're changing it to."

The theme park was renamed Hollywood Studios in 2008, and has seen some major changes in just the past few months: The Studio Backlot Tour and American Idol Experience have both been shut down, and the giant sorcerer's hat landmark has been dismantled. The name could be linked to new attractions that will be built or already proven money-makers, so don't be surprised if it winds up being called All Frozen, All the Time Studios; People Only Come Here for the Tower of Terror Anyway Land; or Disney's That Water Bottle Will Cost You $10.