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New Hampshire voters tease Chris Christie about Bridgegate

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) attempt to resurrect his once-strong presidential prospects is off to a sputtering start. While meeting voters in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Christie's glad-handing got sidetracked by New Hampshire residents eager to ding the governor about the actions of some infamous Jersey goons, both real and fictional.

"We want to know about Tony Soprano," one man, Dick Moquin, asked, according to The New York Times. "In the last episode, what happened?"

"When they told me you were coming here, I went down to make sure — personally — that the bridges were going to be open," another man quoted by the Times, Buck Mercier, joked.

Christie tried to roll with the punches, but Moquin continued heckling, claiming he and his wife got caught in the traffic jams caused when Christie's aides shut down bridge lanes in a petty fit of political retribution.

Christie, who once routinely led polls of the GOP primary, now polls in the mid-single digits.