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Why you should never use Times New Roman on a résumé: Typography geeks explain

There are an endless supply of articles about what to include in your résumé and what to leave out — in fact, there are whole books dedicated to the subject. But what about the font you use to put your professional life to paper? Bloomberg's Natalie Kitroeff spoke with "three typography wonks" to get their opinion, and they had a consensus choice: Helvetica (the font so classy it has an entire documentary dedicated to its sans-serif glory).

Helvetica is safe, and it "feels professional, lighthearted, honest," designer Brian Hoff tells Bloomberg. If you want to stand out a bit, you can drop $30 (up to $734) to buy the font Proxima Nova, and if you insist on using serifs (the feet that adorn letters), go with Garamond or maybe Didot, the typography geeks suggest. Do not use Times New Roman.

"It's telegraphing that you didn't put any thought into the typeface that you selected," Hoff says. "It's like putting on sweatpants." For other suggestions and the font cognoscenti view on emojis (maybe!), read Kitroeff's dispatch at Bloomberg.