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50 Cent was thrilled to hang out with Meryl Streep, can't name a Meryl Streep film

Jimmy Kimmel had an NBA-themed Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, and as a depressed Lakers fan he asked guest 50 Cent whether it felt worse to be shot or be a New York Knicks fan. That led to a story about the time 50 Cent sat next to Meryl Streep at a Knicks-Lakers game, and 50 Cent was clearly star-struck by the encounter. At one point, he said, she agreed to blow "some of that stardust" on him, and he was pleased to explain what was happening on the court to Streep during her first live NBA game.

"She has such a strong aura, that people are different around her," 50 Cent explained, noting that Kobe Bryant all of a sudden started speaking softer and taking a keen interest in the Oscars when he saw Streep behind 50 Cent after the game. "I was like yo, you Kobe Bryant," 50 Cent said, though he agreed that Streep is at a higher plane of celebrity than Kobe. So, everything was going well, until Kimmel asked 50 Cent to name his favorite Meryl Streep movie. Or any Meryl Streep movie. You can guess what happened. Watch below. Peter Weber