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Jon Stewart tries to explain Washington's trade battle, returns to Donald Trump

Trade policy is on the dry side even in the best of times, but Jon Stewart really tried to get excited about the big, strange, complicated fight over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact roiling Washington. If you stick with him long enough, he'll explain the upside-down world where Democrats are quoting Nancy Reagan to oppose President Obama and TPP and Republicans are citing Nazi Germany to support Obama's policy.

But Stewart's pretty clear from the beginning of Wednesday's Daily Show that his heart isn't really in it. "Yeah, unless TPP stands for Trump Presidential Project, I'm not that interested," he said. Not even halfway through the segment, he can't stand it any more. "I'm sorry, this is boring the shit out of me," he said. "I'm going through withdrawal — I need me some Donald." So with his gilded, TRUMP-emblazoned "emergency presidential campaign Trumpinator 2016," he brought The Donald back into his show, and finished up the TPP explainer. Well, actually, Stewart finished with a spot-on impersonation of Trump explaining how he could have done better than God. Watch below, and watch till the end. Peter Weber