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PBR brewer is going to start making craft beers

Attention, PBR lovers: Pabst Brewing Company is about to tap into the business of craft beer. The company, which was started in Milwaukee in 1844, is set to re-open shop in its hometown next year to start brewing small-batch, craft beers — which we can only assume will be markedly different from the company's trademark Pabst Blue Ribbon, which is perhaps best known for being watery, tasteless, inoffensive, and implausibly beloved by card-carrying hipsters everywhere.

Pabst's microbrewery and a new tasting room will be situated in a Methodist church that the company first bought in the 1890s. Its brewers will be using 150-year-old recipes originally developed by Pabst's founders, Jacob Best and Frederick Pabst.

The microbrewery, which is rumored to also include a restaurant on the second floor, is set to open next summer. At first, Pabst will be producing small, experimental batches before it expands production to 2,000 barrels per year.