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Minions Empire

To escape phone calls after Donald Trump gave out his number, Sen. Lindsey Graham went to see Minions

Donald Trump retaliated against fellow 2016 presidential candidate Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) yesterday by reading Graham's phone number aloud during his campaign rally (earlier, Graham had called Trump a "jackass" — this was apparently Trump's way of settling the score). After everyone figured out that Trump wasn't kidding, and that it was actually Graham’s real number, well, the senator started getting some calls. A lot of them.

Luckily for Graham, there's still one American institution that practices old-fashioned phone etiquette: the movie theater. So Graham high-tailed it to a screening of Minions on Tuesday night, along with Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and her two children, The Washington Post reports:

Graham said that on the ride to the theater he took a break from answering the flood of calls, handing the phone to Ayotte's young daughter and son, who would answer and ask, "Who is this?"

"The mailbox is definitely full," Ayotte's son said before they walked into the theater. [The Washington Post]