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the donald

Trump reached peak Trumpness during his speech today. Here are the 11 best moments.

At Donald Trump's campaign rally in Bluffton, South Carolina, today, things got a little, well, crazy, if you will. Here are the best moments:

1. On John McCain's comments about Trump's followers being "crazies": "I know crazies. I know crazies."

2. On the Iraq War: "I'm the only one who said don't do Iraq and I'm the most militaristic person ever." Followed shortly by: "I will build a military and they will say, 'I'm not messing with that guy!'"

3. On getting criticized for donating to Democrats: "Of course I do."

4. On fellow GOP 2016 contender Sen. Lindsey Graham: "I watched this idiot Lindsey Graham on TV today and he says I'm a jackass." Trump then proceeded to read Graham's personal phone number on air and encourage the audience to "try it."

5. Then this happened:

6. On Twitter and Facebook: "It's like owning a newspaper without the losses."

7. On his lead in the polls: "Faster than scheduled."

8. On his personality: "I'm trying to be nice. I'm working hard to be nice."

9. On the crowd: "You're all retired as hell and rich."

10. Tangent: "I like the Saudis, they're very nice."

11. On his billions: "When I say I'm worth $10 billion, I'm not saying that to brag. Who cares? Who cares?"