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Trump vs. Perry

Rick Perry has finally lost it over Donald Trump

Not too many of Donald Trump's fellow 2016 presidential candidates have truly thrown themselves into the ring against the real estate mogul just yet (many, in fact, likely see themselves as being above swinging punches in The Donald's intellectual weight class). However, Rick Perry is more than game. Today he declared that enough is enough — after all, during one of Trump's Trumpier speeches yesterday, Perry was personally insulted. "[Perry] put on glasses so people think he's smart," Trump claimed. "People can see through glasses."

Not one to be one-upped in the game of "I know you are but what am I," Perry had a few words to fire back at Trump during a speech in Austin, which was calmly titled, "Defending Conservatism Against the Cancer of Trump-ism." In it, Perry offered his supporters a handy glossary of what, exactly, The Donald is:

1. "A barking carnival act"

2. "A toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness, and nonsense"

3. "A cancer on conservatism" that must be "diagnosed, excised, and discarded"

4. "Suited to follow the Democrats' example" as a supporter of Hillary Clinton et al

5. A cancer that threatens to "metastasize into a movement of mean-spirited politics"

6. "Too arrogant, too self-absorbed, to seek God's forgiveness"

7. "The modern-day incarnation of the know-nothing movement"

8. An offense to John Adams

9. Senator McCarthy

10. Poison

11. Empty calories

Trump's response is undoubtedly forthcoming.