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Trump believes America is falling to pieces because no one read his book

When listing Donald Trump's accolades, everyone seems to forget he's an author. Not the indie book publisher Melville House, however, whose blog noticed that Trump really really wants you to pay attention to a book he co-authored, Trump: The Art of the Deal.

In his recent public appearances, Trump has discussed Trump: The Art of the Deal not merely as one item on the long list of his accomplishments (like his Wharton degree, and his bankruptcies, and his participation in The Apprentice, a show about the fickleness and devastating cruelty of American capitalism), but as something close to scripture. It's a book that, per Trump, everyone has read, and whose wisdom our leaders ignore at their peril. [Melville House]

Melville House notes that Trump brought his book up in South Carolina:

I wrote The Art of the Deal. Right? We need The Art of the Deal. We need the Art. They never read it in this administration. They're the only people that didn't read it. [Melville House, via YouTube]

Again in Iowa:

I wrote The Art of the Deal, which is...  the biggest-selling business book of all time, and [the Iran nuclear agreement] is not the art of the deal, this is the art of a person that has no idea what he's doing. [Right Wing Watch]

Again with Fox News:

Well, as you know, I did read — and oftentimes, everybody else is telling me, you know, it's the best book — but I did write The Art of the Deal. And they didn't write and they didn't read it. And I will tell you, it's — it's to me amazing, Sean, because you look at the basics of what they've done and how they've done it. [Fox News]

And yep, again with Breitbart News:

Trump said the negotiators for Obama didn't read his book, The Art of the Deal, which walks readers through how to effectively negotiate.

"We have people that did not read The Art of the Deal negotiating," Trump said. [Breitbart News]

Can't Obama put The Art of the Deal on his expense account or something? Donald's pride and joy only costs a neat $5.89 used on Amazon.