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Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany refuses to wax her mustache just for Hollywood

Canadian actor Tatiana Maslany has gained serious Hollywood street cred as the star of the critically acclaimed TV series Orphan Black. But she told People on Friday she's not down with how the industry treats women:

Like being told, 'Let's not talk about that, sweetheart,' if I have an issue with being hit on by a 50-year-old when I was 17 and on set. It's never ending. Being put into this little outfit that showed my midriff in a scene where I'm supposed to be grieving the death of a family member, and it's like, 'Make sure that her belly button is showing' – it's just pathetic. It's so pathetic. [People]

And she's not giving into the demands she finds sexist. Maslany said she's been asked to shave her armpits and wax her mustache, but she refuses unless it makes sense for the part she's playing. For all her gripes, she said she's confident the industry won't stay this way forever.

"People are too upset, people are too pissed off, and too many strong voices are now being heard," she said.