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These are the things Donald Trump's town hall crowd booed

The crowd at Donald Trump's town hall meeting Wednesday in New Hampshire was rowdy, a quality that Trump said he "loved."

"These are my people," he said, smiling, after commending the spirit of the group. As he spoke about everything from the Iran nuclear deal to the fact that he's "sort of a bragger," one thing was made clear: This was a vocal group. From the start, audience members shouted their support for Trump, and were also quick to laugh at his jokes (like when he said Jeb Bush's town hall attendees were "sleeping") and cheer for his one-liners ("I refuse to say I'm a politician"). It seemed as though they were at their most boisterous when he talked about people and things he's against, and that's when the boos started in full force.

The crowd booed: Nabisco for moving its plant to Mexico; the media; Jeb Bush (more than once); released U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl (although they cheered when Trump called him a "dirty rotten traitor"); and Hillary Clinton, among other touchy subjects. They kind of booed a mention of Secretary of State John Kerry, but then swiftly cheered when Trump made fun of him for falling off a bike and promised that he'll never be in a bicycle race as president. Too bad, because that's something we all could have laughed at.