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Trump Fever

Donald Trump says his Mexico-financed border wall might bear the Trump name

Donald Trump fielded only seven questions at his town hall event in New Hampshire on Wednesday evening, filling most of the 45 minutes with pronouncements about how he will "win for America" and why rival Jeb Bush is an unelectable bore who says "dumb" things. One of the seven questions was from a woman who asked if maybe Trump's hubris might turn off voters, and that led Trump to boast that President Trump will build "the greatest wall you've ever seen" between the U.S. and Mexico.

Trump has frequently insisted that he will get Mexico to pay for the multibillion-dollar wall, and on Wednesday he said that it might be called the "Trump Wall," presumably with tongue in cheek. "If they call it the Trump Wall it has to be beautiful,” he added. Now, it's true that the Affordable Care Act has come to be known as ObamaCare, even though Congress wrote it, but given Trump's proclivity for putting his name on his projects, often in big gold letters, a gaudily branded Trump Wall isn't out of the realm of possibilities.