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Adderall-like 'smart' drug ruled safe for healthy people

A narcolepsy medication commonly used by university students to help focus before exams has been determined safe for healthy people, according to researchers who studied its short-term effects. Modafinil — which is a controlled substance in the United States, but has similar effects to ADHD drugs like Adderall — helps healthy users in the U.K. to improve their decision-making and problem-solving skills, and even has the potential to make people think more creatively. One study even showed that Modafinil users got more pleasure out of doing the same tasks. What's more, the drug has no major side effects and is not thought to be addictive, unlike medications like Adderall and Ritalin.

"We're not saying 'go out and take this drug and your life will be better,'" researcher Anna-Katharine Brem told The Guardian. "It is still unlicensed for healthy people — but it is time for a wider debate on how to integrate cognitive enhancement into our lives."