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That escalated quickly

Journalist Jorge Ramos removed from Donald Trump press conference after confrontation with Trump

During a press conference Tuesday in Iowa, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and journalist Jorge Ramos got into a spat that resulted in Ramos being escorted out by security.

It all started when Ramos began to ask Trump a question about deportation. Trump snapped: "Sit down, you haven't been called. Go back to Univision." Ramos — who works at Univision and Fusion — continued to ask his question, raising his voice so it could be heard above Trump's. Trump refused to answer him, and Ramos was eventually removed from the room. Another reporter asked Trump about the incident, MSNBC reports, and he responded: "He gets up and starts screaming. He's obviously a very emotional person."

Ramos returned to the room shortly thereafter (Trump greeted him with a "good to have you back"), and asked him about his immigration policy and using the term "anchor babies." He stood by his previous comments, and accused Ramos of using the term "illegal immigrants." Ramos said he didn't, and Trump shot back: "Well, you should use it. That's what they are, 'illegal immigrants.'" Trump was able to save some ire for another journalist, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, saying she owed him an apology for the "totally inappropriate" questions she asked him at a debate several weeks ago. "She's a small element of my life," he said. "I don't care about Megyn Kelly." Catherine Garcia