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Andrew Garfield says Donald Trump is 'a lost soul wandering this Earth'

Now that his web-slinging days as the star of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise are behind him, Andrew Garfield is enjoying life a little more removed from the spotlight. In a new interview with The Independent to promote his upcoming film 99 Homes, the actor recalls feeling separated from the real world during the media frenzy surrounding his superhero days. "[I]t really hit me in a very sad and scary way," he said.

Today, Garfield doesn't feel as disconnected as he did then, but he identifies another conspicuous figure who's adrift amid his own media storm. "Donald Trump is a lost soul wandering this Earth," Garfield said. "He's been led down the Willy Loman path and believes his own hype. He's serving his little self and his little ego, otherwise why would he need to overcompensate so much?" he asks, comparing The Donald to the deplorable, tragic Death of a Salesman protagonist who exists in his own fantasy world to cope with his circumstances.

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