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Jim Gaffigan tells Conan how he learned he's doing a stand-up show for Pope Francis

About six months ago, comedian Jim Gaffigan told Conan O'Brien, he was invited to an event in Philadelphia that involved Pope Francis. "I though, this is great," he said. "My wife is very Catholic, like a Shiite Catholic, so she was thrilled." And it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that he learned he is supposed to perform a stand-up routine in front of the pope — and more than a million other people. Other performers include Aretha Franklin and Andrea Bocelli. Mark Wahlberg is hosting the event.

That threw Conan for a loop. "Wait a minute, why is Mark Wahlberg hosting?" he asked. Because it's a Catholic event, Gaffigan noted. "Catholic event?!" Conan said. "I've heard nothing. My phone hasn't rung once. I'm, like, a super Catholic, Irish Catholic...." Gaffigan, who has five kids, asked Conan how many he had, then laughed when Conan held up two fingers. "It's weird," Gaffigan said. "I felt like they asked me because I was like the only comedian that admitted they believed in God, or something." Well, Slate did just name him "America's top Christian comedian," so. Watch Gaffigan discuss his upcoming big show, and why he finally moved his family from their two-bedroom apartment, below. Peter Weber