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Watch Donald Trump give a strangely moving analysis of his favorite film, Citizen Kane

Donald Trump…is human? At least he comes across that way in an old 2002 interview with filmmaker Errol Morris, who asks Trump to talk about his favorite movie, Citizen Kane, in a segment originally intended for that year's Academy Awards. But as if it wasn't enough of a surprise that Citizen Kane is the Donald's favorite film, Trump goes on to astutely read Orson Welles' masterpiece with the eye of a true cinephile — one who, perhaps, sees a bit of himself the in the rich and lonely protagonist.

"I think you learn in Kane that maybe wealth isn't everything," Trump reflects. "Because [Kane] had the wealth, but he didn't have happiness."

In the explanation of the famous dinner table scene, Trump gets uncharacteristically raw. "The table [keeps] getting larger and larger and larger," Trump says, "with [Kane] and his wife getting further and further apart as he got wealthier and wealthier…" Then Trump trails off.

"Perhaps," he adds after a pause, "I can understand that."

But don't let Trump's moments of introspection fool you — he's got a classic Trumpian kicker at the end. Watch the full video, below. Jeva Lange