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Watch out Uber and Google: Apple makes big push into the autonomous car game

It's not called the iCar — yet — but Apple's secrecy-shrouded driverless vehicle, code named "Project Titan," has taken a big step toward hitting the roads of California. According to a report by The Guardian, Apple executives have been meeting with Cali's DMV officials to discuss autonomous vehicle plans and regulations, indicating the company may be seeking a test permit and that its car might be soon ready for a public reveal.

Apple is a little late to the game, since the race to perfect the autonomous car is already well on its way. Google's driverless cars are widely roaming California and Uber has thrown its hat in the ring, too, by recruiting top developers in robotics. Apple, meanwhile, is said to also be looking for a site to road test Project Titan.

California's DMV oversees the autonomous vehicle tester program in the state; to date, 10 companies, including Honda and BMW, have been issued permits for 80 autonomous cars and over 300 test drivers.