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Conscious Uncoupling

This startup wants to be the TurboTax of divorcing

You can do just about anything online these days, with "getting a divorce" being one of the last remaining holdouts. No longer! Thanks to Separate.Us, clients looking to end their marriages can be helped through the confusing, complicated process without having to shell out huge fees for lawyers.

Separate.Us, which is currently only available in California, is similar to tax program TurboTax in that it asks a series of simple questions in order to help users through complicated paperwork that, in this case, is involved in ending a marriage, TechCrunch reports. Right now the website can only file the initial paperwork for a divorce, but its co-founder, Sandro Tuzzo, said he hopes Separate.Us will one day be able to help users through all necessary divorce paperwork.

"There are tons of dating apps that connect people, but what if you need to disconnect?" Tuzzo said. "There's nothing."