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Banksy's 'Dismaland' amusement park is getting the perfect second life

Banksy's short-lived dystopian theme park Dismaland is getting a second life — as a refugee shelter. However, instead of harboring people inside Sleeping Beauty's roughed-up castle or on the "oil caliphate-themed golf course," the world famous street artist says he'll be disassembling the "bemusement" park in southwest England and shipping the "timbers and fixtures" to a camp in the French port town of Calais.

Calais is currently housing thousands of refugees who are searching for a way into Britain. Dismaland itself featured an art piece showing crammed migrant boats approaching the White Cliffs of Dover, which France 24 describes as the "first sight of Britain for many people who cross the Channel from France."

"Coming soon... Dismaland Calais," Banksy announced on Dismaland's website. He added impishly that "no online tickets will be available."