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Sen. Chuck Grassley is once again doing 'you know what' at Dairy Queen

If it wasn't weird enough the first time, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has once again tweeted that he's doing "you know what" at a Dairy Queen. The longtime Republican senator — who has become very well known for his Twitter account that he runs entirely on his own — used a Friday stop at a Dairy Queen in Jefferson, Iowa as an opportunity to reference the infamous Dairy Queen tweet he wrote last November:

Here's that first infamous tweet, for reference:

After much confusion about exactly what "u kno what" meant — as it turns out, no one actually knew — Grassley finally explained that the "u kno what" was likely... ice cream?

"I meant this, I'm at Dairy Queen, Windsor Heights, Dairy Queen," Grassley explained last year. "I wanted to give Windsor Heights Dairy Queen some credit for making good Dairy Queen and doing you know what. And what do you do at Dairy Queen, you eat Dairy Queen." Grassley then added that he usually orders a Blizzard or plain ice cream.

Here's hoping that Grassley's latest shout out to the Jefferson Dairy Queen is a reference to their formidable Blizzards.