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Megyn Kelly faces onslaught of sexist slurs leading up to the Republican debate

It is not easy being a woman on the internet, but it's infinitely worse when you incur the wrath of Donald Trump's supporters. With Trump reportedly choosing to abstain from Thursday's debate due to Fox's selection of Megyn Kelly as a moderator, an onslaught of sexist rage has been directed at Kelly's official Twitter account.

Vocativ broke down the appearance of gendered slurs in the tweets directed at Kelly, finding that the word "bitch" appeared 423 times in her mentions in the past 24 hours, followed by 404 uses of "bimbo" and 128 of "blonde," usually in reference to "dumb blonde."

Trump has been something of a ringleader of such vitriolic name-calling, retweeting a user who called Kelly a "bimbo" after Trump butted heads with her in a debate last August. Trump also criticized Kelly's no-nonsense moderation style by saying she had "blood coming out of her wherever," an apparent reference to menstruation.

You can see Vocativ's entire breakdown of the insults here.