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Iowa caucus 2016

Stephen Colbert recaps the Iowa caucuses, with special ribbing for the losers

On Tuesday's Late Show, Stephen Colbert took a look at the drama that unfolded Monday night, and also the Iowa caucuses. He started with the "squeaker" on the Democratic side, noting that the close contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was decided in some precincts by a coin toss (not really). "The Democrats picked the winner last night the same way roommates decide who has to drive to Taco Bell," he joked, suggesting that Clinton's coin-flipping prowess makes her a perfect candidate to be drafted by the Denver Broncos for the Super Bowl. Colbert also suggested that Sanders lost the game of chance because his "trash-talking of money in politics" have turned the coins against him.

With the Republicans, Colbert didn't spend any time poking fun at caucus winner Ted Cruz. Instead, he spent a few minutes joking about Donald Trump's second-place showing, especially his uncharacteristically humble concession speech and the New York welcome he got from his hometown tabloids. Noting that Trump said he might buy a farm in Iowa he loves the state so much, Colbert dug up an amazing clip of Donald singing the theme to Green Acres with Megan Mullally. Marco Rubio, "the clear frontrunner of third place," got some ribbing for declaring victory, and Colbert gave No. 4 finisher Ben Carson some sartorial advice from Bernie Sanders. Watch below. Peter Weber