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the dark side

Watch Donald Trump become the prince of darkness

The Republican presidential race already has a self-proclaimed "prince of light and hope" in Ohio Gov. John Kasich, but, as of Sunday, it might also have its "prince of darkness": Donald Trump. After a Trump campaign event in Atlanta experienced a lighting problem, the Republican frontrunner led the audience in a chant for darkness. "Turn off the lights, turn off the lights," Trump yelled when the lights flicked back on after a brief outage.

As it turns out, Trump was enjoying the darkness. "Oh I like that much better," Trump said when the lights went out. "Those lights were brutal. Did they come from the dishonest press?" The outage was reportedly caused by a protester cutting the lights.

Ironically, Talking Points Memo reports that the lights got cut right as Trump was claiming "that criminals were sent to the U.S. without documentation to fill American jails" — exactly the sort of effort to get "people riled up about how bad everything is" that Kasich says "prince of darkness" candidates tend to make.

Watch Trump rally for the darkness below. Becca Stanek