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Trump University fraud case could yank Trump from the campaign trail in May

Donald Trump is listed in court records as a witness for both sides of a fraud case concerning his now-defunct Trump University, Politico reports. With a trial date not yet set, Trump could potentially be called into court sometime after May 6, before the primary season is over. May and June primaries include Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and California.

While it didn't grant degrees or have a campus, Trump University charged students expensive rates for what critics deemed "useless" real estate seminars. "I really felt stupid that I was scammed by Trump. I thought that he was really legit,” student Bob Guillo told The Washington Post after putting $34,995 on his American Express card — only to walk away with meaningless certificates of completion and a photo of him with a life-size picture of Trump.

Trump's attorneys have argued against such accusations.