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Donald Trump even decides what Chris Christie eats

What's it like to go out to dinner with Donald Trump? If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's experience is any indication, it turns out it's exactly like you might expect. He even does that super annoying thing of ordering for you.

Christie is one of the people who gets to occasionally enjoy such dining experiences with The Donald, The New York Times reports. The pair met after Trump's sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, encouraged Christie by saying, "My little brother really wants to meet you." Dinner was arranged.

The meal naturally took place in one of Trump's towers on the West Side of Manhattan (Trump really, really likes his own restaurants — his campaign reported spending hundreds of dollars dining in Trump Tower, in fact). And then this happened:

"He ordered dinner for me," Christie said.

"You mean he chose what you would eat?"


"You didn't ask him to do this?"

"No. The chef came out, who's the owner of the restaurant, and [Trump] said to him, 'Jean Georges, remember the appetizer you made for me last week when I was here? We'll take two of those. And remember that main course you made, the special thing you made for me? We'll take two of those, too.' And he looked at me and said, 'Don't worry, you'll love it.'" [The Washington Examiner]

The rest is history.