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A whopping 54 percent of Americans would really like to punch Donald Trump in the face

If you've fantasized about punching Donald Trump in the face, you're far from alone. A new survey by WalletHub/Survey Monkey released Monday reveals that a whopping 54 percent of Americans have had that very same thought of just wanting to give the GOP presidential frontrunner a "pop in the kisser."

Trump is far and away the winner in this contest, too. While Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and President Obama also make the list with 14 percent and 13 percent respectively, they're still far behind Trump's huge lead. In fourth place in the poll is a generic "congressman" with 12 percent, followed by an IRS agent with 4 percent, a tax attorney with 2 percent, and an accountant with 1 percent.

The poll surveyed 1,000 individuals online from March 15 to 16.