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Congressman's expense report shows $1,300 in video game purchases after son accidentally uses card

Hundreds of dollars in video game purchases tends to raise eyebrows when the charges appear on a congressman's campaign expense report. For Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), the mixup occurred because he says his son mistakenly used his campaign credit card to make a payment to an online video game distribution company, The Hill reports. The expense report subsequently logged $1,300 in video game purchases.

The Federal Election Commission naturally sent a letter to Hunter, asking why exactly video game payments were showing up on the report. In Hunter's 2015 report, the purchases show up as "person expense — to be paid back." Apparently after purchasing a single game on Oct. 13, dozens of subsequent charges were made to the company, Steam Games, over the next two months; Hunter says these charges were unauthorized.

Hunter's office says it will not pay back the charges until the investigation into the unauthorized charges is complete, The Hill reports.