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No. Just No.

The Daily Show perfectly sums up the idiocy of Clinton and de Blasio's reference to a racist joke

Here's Daily Show host Trevor Noah's advice for Hillary Clinton the next time she thinks about making a racist joke: Don't.

"Why would you do this, Hillary? This should be so easy. Just don't say the things that will lose you the votes," Noah said in his Tuesday night episode, referring to the recent joke Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made during a comedy sketch at a Saturday night dinner. De Blasio, jokingly explaining why he took so long to endorse Clinton, said that he was running on "CP Time," a reference to "Colored People's Time," a racist term that implies African-Americans are often late. Clinton responded, "Cautious politician time. I've been there."

To make matters even worse, Noah points out, Clinton made the joke just days after her husband, former president Bill Clinton, clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters who accused him of supporting policies during his presidency that hurt African-American communities. "That's like if the governor of Michigan was going around Flint telling water jokes," Noah said.

"Let me explain this in a way white people will understand," he continued. "Race jokes are kind of like orcas. Powerful and entertaining, but you put them on display in the wrong environment, and people are going to get hurt, and the joke might die."

Watch Noah's full takedown below. Becca Stanek