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This story reveals that Ted Cruz's soup obsession goes beyond anything we ever imagined

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the way to Ted Cruz's heart is through a can of soup. His wife, Heidi, learned that the hard way.

In a bizarre anecdote explained Wednesday night during CNN's town hall, Heidi Cruz said that after getting married and returning from their honeymoon, her husband went off to the grocery store alone. When he returned, he had 100 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup in tow:

This was shocking to me, so we had a tough conversation about it. I said, "You don't buy 100 of anything, much less canned soup. We can't do this. I'll be making things." He said, "No, I know you. You won't be making things."

So the next morning, it was a weekend morning, I loaded up our car before he woke up and returned every single can. And when I got home, I called my mother just to make sure I'd done the right thing as a newlywed. And she emphatically disagreed with me. And so when Ted opened the pantry, I had to quickly tell him that I would go back and buy those cans again. [Gawker]

Indeed, it doesn't look like Heidi ended up winning this one. In March, Cruz confessed that, "When I'm away from the family, in Washington, D.C., my dinner is a can of soup. I have dozens in the pantry." Jeva Lange