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Orlando nightclub shooting

Florida nightclub shooting suspect had been investigated by FBI twice

The suspect in Sunday's mass casualty shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, had been investigated by the FBI twice in the past, authorities said. FBI assistant agent Ron Hopper said Omar Saddiqui Mateen came under investigation in 2013 when he made inflammatory comments to coworkers "alleging possible terrorist ties." He was interviewed, and then the case was closed. Then in 2014, Mateen was again investigated by the FBI due to possible ties to an American suicide bomber. However, he was not subject to an active investigation or under surveillance at the time of Sunday's shooting, which killed 50 people and injured another 53.

After opening fire for several minutes, he created a hostage situation and was killed by police around 5 a.m. He reportedly called 911 and swore allegiance to the Islamic State just before the attack. Hopper said a phone call involving the Islamic State had been made, but the FBI is still investigating what exactly was said.