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My name is Alexander Hamilton

Clinton reportedly wants a Hamilton performance at the Democratic Convention

If there is one thing even Democrats have to admit Donald Trump is great at, it's entertaining. Now, a month out from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the party as well as its presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, are looking for the kind of entertainment that can draw primetime eyeballs — particularly young, diverse eyeballs.

And in 2016, that can only mean one thing.

Sources revealed to Politico that Democratic operatives have reached out to Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda about performing at the convention. In addition to writing and performing in a Tony-award-winning musical about the eponymous Founding Father, Miranda has free-styled with President Obama — so the Democrats might even have a shot, despite Miranda being famously busy and difficult to book. Miranda's father, however, has denied rumors that his son is being sought for a slot at the convention; the DNC and Clinton campaign declined to comment to Politico.

Democrats are concerned that the Donald Trump show at the Republican National Convention just days before will overshadow even the biggest pop stars Clinton can muster. "[Trump is] a political Kardashian. His campaign has been the longest, grossest sex tape ever released," strategist Tommy Vietor explained.

And while an anonymous "close Clinton ally" told Politico that the Democrats "won't have a lack of entertainment," they certainly have an uphill battle ahead of them. "The nights are three-hour primetime TV shows," Democratic consultant Ken Sunshine said. "Entertainment and adding excitement become a key part of it, as opposed to hard-core politics. The one that understands that is Trump, except that's all he seems to understand."