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Top Leave politician Nigel Farage basically admits that Leave politicians manipulated voters

This is not exactly something that is going to make regretful Leave voters feel any better. On Friday, U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage all but admitted that he and his fellow politicians misled voters about the benefits of leaving the EU.

Farage told the hosts of Good Morning Britain that he cannot guarantee that the 350 million pounds sent every week to the EU will now go to the National Health Service, England's publicly funded healthcare system:

"Wait a moment, that was one of your adverts. That was one of the Leave campaign's adverts, that that money was going to go to the NHS. That's why many people have voted," the host spluttered when Farage admitted the "mistake." "You're saying after 17 million people have voted for Leave — I don't know how many people voted on the basis of that advert, but that was a huge part of the propaganda. You're now saying that's a mistake?"

There's not a whole lot you can say to that, but Farage tries, below. Jeva Lange