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Sean Hannity reportedly flew VP finalist Newt Gingrich to Indiana to meet Trump, says it's 'my business'

Donald Trump met Wednesday with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in Indianapolis, and spoke with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the phone, thus touching base with his reputed three finalists for running mate. The scuttlebutt is that Trump's children — his closest political advisers — are in favor of Pence while Trump's gut says Gingrich. Fox News host Sean Hannity is an outspoken advocate of a Trump-Newt ticket, so much so that he flew Gingrich to Indianapolis on a private jet Wednesday morning to make sure he had face time with Trump, CNN reports, citing "two sources with knowledge of the situation."

Gingrich was a paid Fox News contributor until Tuesday, when the network suspended the arrangement, citing speculation over his "potential selection as Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate." Hannity took to Twitter on Wednesday night to apparently defend his travel arrangement for Gingrich, saying it was "my business," not business:

Gingrich was on Hannity Wednesday night, and Hannity did not mention flying Gingrich out to Indiana. But you can watch Gingrich call Trump a "pirate" and argue Pence's case — and Hannity praise Newt's qualifications — in the clip below. Peter Weber