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Apple announces iPhone 7, iOS 10

Apple announced the iPhone 7 on Wednesday, a redesigned version of the phone that will be water- and dust-resistant and feature an aluminum body and a high gloss finish. The new device will also boast two back cameras that allow for 10x digital zoom, live photo cropping and editing capabilities, and a new force-sensitive home button.

As rumored, however, the iPhone 7 will not have a traditional headphone jack. Apple will include a converter with every new iPhone to enable customers to continue using traditional headphones; alternately, users can purchase wireless or Lightning-enabled headphones. Apple also announced wireless AirPod earbuds (retailing for $159) to go with the iPhone 7, although Walt Mossberg notes for The Verge that their battery life leaves much to be desired: "Five hours of battery life between charges on the new AirPods won't likely get you through a cross country flight."

Also Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced iOS 10, which will enable iPhones to "wake up" when they are lifted, and will include stickers and full-screen animations in iMessaging, a redesigned Maps app, and expansive home kit features. Preorders start Wednesday, with the phone available in stores Sept. 16.