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Donald Trump might have already lost New Hampshire, Colorado, and Virginia

The election is still 61 days away, but Donald Trump may have already lost in Colorado, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Politico reported Thursday that the Republican presidential nominee is so far behind Hillary Clinton in those three battleground states that they're "close to unwinnable" for Trump.

In Colorado, Trump trails Clinton by 9 points on average. In New Hampshire, a state where Trump hasn't polled above 40 percent since June, he's an average of 7 points behind. And in Virginia, where 13 electoral votes are at stake, Trump is an average of 11 points behind Clinton.

But, Politico pointed out, even without those three states Trump can still seize victory in November. While Clinton holds advantages in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, her leads are not quite as sizable as they are in the "unwinnable" states. When it comes to Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio, Politico's polling averages showed Clinton and Trump "neck-and-neck."