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2016 Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel enlists Jeb Bush and his exclamation point for Emmys intro

He won't be the next president of the United States, but Jeb Bush and his exclamation point could have a future in Hollywood.

The former Republican presidential candidate made a cameo in the opening of Sunday night's Primetime Emmy Awards, offering to give host Jimmy Kimmel a ride to the show in the limo he was using for his new job as an Uber driver. Donning a chauffeur's cap, Bush asked him, "Are you nominated?" When Kimmel said yes, a wondrous Bush asked, "Wow, what's that like?" He went on to make a joke about the perils of running a "positive campaign" and then peaced out after calling Kimmel what serves as an insult in Jeb Bush parlance. Watch the video below, and then please clap. Catherine Garcia