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The second 2016 presidential debate

Nigel Farage: Trump 'dominated' Clinton during debate, was like a 'silverback gorilla'

Donald Trump had one very vocal supporter Sunday night: Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party.

After the debate, Farage told Sky News he saw Trump as a "big silverback gorilla" who was "prowling the studio." The reporter asked Farage if he felt Trump was being too aggressive, but he said no, "what you saw tonight is the way he is. He took control. He dominated Hillary Clinton. She was very much on the back foot all evening. He even dominated the presenters."

Farage said Trump had a "horrendous" and "embarrassing" 48 hours, and went into the debate "absolutely needing a good performance." Although the beginning was "excruciating," Farage believes Trump "came out of this very well," and left the St. Louis venue "a happy man." It was also a great night for viewers at home, with Farage calling the debate "a very good television spectacle."