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Protesters build a wall of taco trucks outside Trump's Las Vegas hotel

Donald Trump is normally a big fan of walls, but the one erected by protesters outside his Las Vegas hotel Tuesday aims to send a message to the community about his immigration policies, BuzzFeed News reports. Oh, and it's made entirely out of taco trucks.

The inspiration for the wall stems from when Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez told MSNBC that if nothing was done to curb the incoming immigrant population in America, there would eventually be taco trucks on every corner. "We're reminding Mr. Trump that immigrant workers here and across the country will be watching the debate and voting in November," said Yvanna Cancela, the political director for the Culinary Union, which is organizing the protest.

The string of taco trucks is located just a few miles from where the third presidential debate is to be held on Wednesday. “Everyone coming together is really about sending a message that we reject Trump and the politics of hate," iAmerica president Rocio Saenz told BuzzFeed News.

But there is one big problem with holding a tasty protest: "I never, EVER turn down a chance to eat some good tacos so I say thanks for setting up shop right outside!" said the Trump campaign's Hispanic outreach director A.J. Delgado.