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Japanese prime minister reportedly told by Trump's team not to take the future president 'literally'

President-elect Donald Trump's team reportedly gave Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's team a word of advice ahead of their meeting slated for Thursday, Abe adviser Katsuyuki Kawai told Reuters: Don't "take each word that Mr. Trump said publicly literally."

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump suggested Japan obtain its own nuclear weapons and repeatedly criticized the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Now, Reuters reported, Trump's team seems to be assuming a less combative tone. Earlier this week, a Trump adviser reportedly applauded Abe's "assertive and forthright" efforts to change Japan's "global posture." "I think he's going to get a very receptive audience here," the adviser reportedly said of Abe.

Trump's meeting with Abe on Thursday will mark his first with a foreign leader as president-elect.